About Us


Although Titan Software is relatively new, we share most of the management team with Titan Consulting who has been a SAP partner since 2001. Every member of our management team has been working with SAP since the mid-90’s.

The primary focus of Titan Software is enabling mobile access to SAP business systems and processes. We provide a mobile interface to both SAP-delivered and custom programs. We also develop completely new mobile applications tailored to individual customer requirements. Our goal is to always provide High-Fidelity user experiences.

In addition, Titan Software develops add-on components for SAP. We provide custom add-ons and extensions to enhance the standard SAP software suites to fulfil requirements that are not met by a standard solution. These extensions are appropriately integrated into the parent SAP components and support customer-specific configuration options following SAP standards.

Our Philosophy

At Titan Software, we believe that software systems should be easy for people to use and understand and should streamline business processes to allow our customers to stay competitive. Our products are designed and implemented to unobtrusively blend in with the existing SAP environment, and at the same time, simplify and enhance customer business processes and operations. The products incorporate user interfaces that closely follow SAP conventions and are designed by following SAP development best practices to ensure optimum use of system resources. In line with SAP convention, our products also allow customer-applied code modifications via user exit BAdI methods.


The Titan Software team is composed of senior level developers with many years of SAP experience in a wide cross-section of industries; many are former SAP employees. Each developer has a proven track record in building robust business processes and systems integration with a variety of mobile devices such as tablets and assorted RF terminals.


Dorian has been working with SAP since 1995, both as a SAP employee and as an independent consultant. While employed by SAP America as a technical consultant, he became certified in CRM and XI/PI.

Dorian has designed and developed custom applications for many different SAP modules, as well as interfaces to external systems.

Leisure interests include hunting, classic cars, and travel with his wife, Sharon.


Chris has been designing and developing SAP solutions since 1996. His expertise spans Mobility, Sales Process Innovation, Enterprise Architecture, eCommerce, Sales & Distribution, as well as ABAP and he is certified in several SAP modules.

His non-work interests include family, golf and running the charity iPads4Autism.net.